How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

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If you’re wondering how to win back your ex girlfriend I want you to know this first – IT IS POSSIBLE!

That’s the first thing you need to know.  You don’t have to just feel the pain of your breakup without any hope at all, it is possible to win her back.

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But…well there’s a few “buts” here!  But they’re really important if you’re curious about how to win back your ex girlfriend and want to make it happen.


How to win back your ex girlfriend tips

The first tip that I tell every guy that wants their girl back is probably the one that they hate me for telling them.




And this drives most guys crazy. They worry that this is the complete opposite of what they should so (and want to do), but it’s EXACTLY what you NEED to do!

Many guys worry that if they don’t contact her than all hope is lost.  You won’t be able to tell her how much you love her right?  They worry that she’s going to forget them or that it just makes it easier for her to move on and find someone else.


That couldn’t be farther from the truth!


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By doing the opposite, you’re going to stay on her mind.  



Because she’s EXPECTING YOU to call her.  She’s EXPECTING YOU to beg for her back.

And when you don’t do what she expects, she thinks about it and she thinks about YOU.


She gets intrigued.  All of a sudden she starts to miss you and WANTS to talk to you.

And believe it or not, it’s quite likely that she actually calls you.  How cool would that be?


By cutting contact you are letting her mind get to the point that she misses you and your absence makes it so that she can’t help but start to miss you and think about you.
It’s REALLY, REALLY powerful stuff!


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